An interactive artwork which depicts real-time movements of wind through the use of light. With its location at Gudenåen and Randers Fjord, the water plays a vital role in the town of Randers. Here, Stibroen, a bridge which crosses the Randers Fjord, is an important connection point for its users: cyclists and pedestrians."Bølgen Over Vandet" invites the citizens to experience it throughout the different phases of the day, being in constant change depending on the weather or season. Therefore during the daylight, the installation reflects the sky and its lit surroundings and at night, artificial light placed inside the columns transforms the work of art. 

A custom-made solution was designed in order to create the desired effect. It's composed by a steel H profile, an aluminium profile, led strip, diffuser and a half way mirror. The 40 columns are connected to a computer which transforms the wind real-time readings from a sensor placed next to the bridge into a unique visual experience.
A collaborative piece done with Paolo Rota for Yoke
Project manager by Vivi Nagy
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