A boundary is a dividing line which marks the limits of an area and its used to indicate a threshold. The limit of our vision, in regards to light, may be referred as a visual boundary. A visual boundary is often seen in nature - the horizon - where the sky meets ocean or in the man-made environment where an erected form is present within a space.

Boundaries is a light installation that challenges the limits of our vision and encourages to reflect on how what we see changes our perception of the world around us. 
photo: Kerttu Penttilä

In ‘Boundaries’ one is initially presented with a nonphysical lit boundary created by the contrast between light and darkness which divides the space. The passive boundary is made dynamic through moving light. With speed, the human mind starts to perceive several boundaries present in a given moment. At a high speed, the limit of our vision is challenged – a threshold point where the space becomes one, boundary-less, unified, and transformed by light.

Reflektor Light Festival 2017 - movie:
Whereas the initial lit boundary is perceived as an area of high luminosity, bright (left) when the space becomes uniformly lit one perceives the same amount of light in the space as having lower luminosity (right). The eye perceives an area of high luminosity only if it is surrounded by an area of low luminosity, therefore contrast is necessary to differentiate form from space.

Exhibited at:
Reflektor, 2018, Helsinki, Finland
Reflektor Light Festival 2017, Copenhagen - Denmark
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