How can a city church building be transformed with light to meet needs of the local community for new activities? Was the question posed to the students of lighting design on their first semester. The project is linked to the specific site of Absalon Church, located in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

We envisioned an updated ceremonial space, providing an option, that is not currently available for those, who do not believe in a god. The goal consisted on transforming  a religious space into a religion neutral ceremonial space through the use of light.

The lighting design proposal for the ceremonial space is composed based on a visual hierarchy of importance and purpose. It is a lighting design for a special ceremonial context; a funeral, which intends to support the emotions and moods experienced during the ceremony, without taking unnecessary attention.It is composed of three different lighting elements: warm pendant lights, floating according with the size of each seat; warm highlight of the floor in the ceremonial center; dynamic diffuser panels that control the intake of daylight.
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